our features

  • Stretchable and relaxed
  • Very soft and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy wash and quick dry
  • Color fade resistant
  • Made from polyester filament high bulk yarn

Every player being sweated during playing football. An important feature of any sock is how it transports water out of the body surface so as to make you comfortable.

Hence, it is made from polyester filament high bulk yarn, It has a practical significance in comfort and durability.

Polyester is unique in that it’s soft and warm. Yet still lightweight with significant moisture-wicking properties.  

This dries quickly, which is very beneficial for you. No one wants to play with wet socks. Because it’s affecting your perfomance…
Everybody wants to perform well in every match…You too….

YES! You deserved it….

Reading the description to know how it affects your performance

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